Steelers Gameday Morning Thoughts: Buffalo Bills Edition

                As I sit here early on this Sunday morning, drinking coffee and preparing to head to Heinz Field, I have one thought running through my mind:  Steelers, PLEASE don’t lose to the Bills today.  This season has been bad enough.  A loss to the Bills would just be rubbing salt into the already open, weeping, giant wound.  The five game losing streak in 2009—in which the Steelers lost to the Chiefs, Raiders, and Browns, who were all among the worst teams in the league that year—would pale in comparison to losing to the Bills at home.  Yes, the Steelers are terrible this year.  But they should still be able to pull it together enough to beat the Bills.  I mean, they’re the Buffalo freaking Bills. 

              However, I have my fears and doubts.

I fear EJ Manuel having the best day of his young career against a porous Steelers secondary.  I fear CJ Spiller running all over the Steelers much the way Adrian Peterson and Terrelle Pyror have done this season.  I fear Ben Roethlisberger could actually lose a limb (or maybe even his head) when Mario Williams sacks him 17 times.  I fear the Steelers will have so many injured offensive linemen that Heath Miller may have to play tackle at some point during this game.  I have my doubts that any part of this Steelers team will competent—offense, defense, and special teams. 

            I’m also questioning my sanity.  I’m going to sit in cold temperatures and 20 mph winds on metal bleachers to watch two teams with a combined 5-12 record play a football game.  That doesn’t sound like something a sane person would do.  But then again, sports aren’t really for sane people.

            So again Steelers, all I ask is that you somehow, someway figure out how to beat the Buffalo Bills on this windy November day.  Next week the Lions and Megatron come to town, and, well, we all know that’s probably not going to go well. 

             I know I sound extremely pessimistic, but I do have some hope that the Steelers will win today.  Hopefully they can rebound from last week’s Foxborough Massacre.  I do think they’ll show up to play today.  I’m trying to reason that they are at home and Dick LeBeau’s defenses have usually performed well against rookie quarterbacks.  Let’s hope that’s the case today.

             If not, dear god, they’ve lost to the Buffalo freaking Bills. 





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