Thoughts on Tomlin-gate

As everyone in the free world already knows, Mike Tomlin stepped onto the field during a kickoff return by Ravens’ return man, Jacoby Jones.  It’s been a media firestorm and it has the fanbase at a fever pitch.

It looks intentional.  I expect Tomlin pay a pretty hefty fine.  Maybe he gets suspended a game, since he is on the NFL’s Competition Committee.  I’ll be a bit surprised if they lose a draft pick of any significance.  

Frankly, I was past this on Thursday night.  Seems like the Ravens have even moved on.  THE RAVENS.  John Harbaugh says his team has moved on.  JOHN HARBAUGH.  If they were the ones screwed by the sideline misstep and they’ve moved on, why can’t Steelers fans and Pittsburgh media move on? 

Seriously, please take the advice of my good friend Chandler Bing on this one:

(EDIT: I mean everyone needs to move on from this–both those crucifying Tomlin AND those defending Tomlin.)


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