The Madness Continues…Steelers Steamroll the Colts

The Steelers stunned the Colts, the league, and their own fans today, pulling off a 51-34 win at Heinz Field.

Ben Roethlisberger was absolutely magnificent, putting on an all-time great quarterback performance and breaking several of his own records.

Antonio Brown continues to be the best receiver in the conference and may have pulled off the catch of the season, with a one-handed TD grab.

Le’Veon Bell had another 100-yard game, ho-hum.

This was a statement win. This 3-home game stretch looked like it could make or break the Steelers, and two games in, they look great. They look like a completely different team than the one that was embarrassed in Cleveland just a few weeks ago.

The game was still too close for comfort at times, the defense is still suspect, and stupid penalties led to Colts’ scores. But they got the W .

Oh, and it’s officially Ravens Hate Week! Gear up everyone!


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