Cowher & Tomlin

I’m just going to leave this here….

Bill Cowher’s record after 122 regular season games: 74-48

Mike Tomlin’s record after 122 regular season games: 77-45

Cowher’s postseason record through 7 full seasons: 5-6, 1 Super Bowl appearance, 0 Super Bowl wins

Tomlin’s postseason record through 7 full seasons: 5-3, 2 Super Bowl appearances, 1 win.

Bill Cowher–OMG the greatest coach EVER!!! The chin! The anger! And he’s from the ‘Burgh! Really coached STILLERS FOOTBALL!!! Wonderful person, totally upbeat in press conferences and never terse or angry! He never lost to bad teams (minus those times he lost to some REALLY bad teams). He won like eleventy billion Super Bowls!!!

Mike Tomlin–Terrible coach/person, all-around natural disaster, totally just won with Cowher’s awesome players (DUH), doesn’t care about his job, every loss is automatically the new “worst loss under Tomlin”; he’s an arrogant meanie to the media and he was hired because of the Rooney Rule!

Steelers fans: the best bunch of revisionist historians, spoiled fans, and casual racists I’ve ever seen.


2 thoughts on “Cowher & Tomlin

  1. I love how people forget that the narrative for Cowher was”He can’t win the big game” and that there were so many people who thought he should get fired because he was 0-1 in Super Bowls and 1-3 in AFC Championship Games before Roethlisberger. And that’s not even to mention the other playoff games he lost or “big” games he lost in the regular season.

    BTW I love the “Cowher’s players” narrative because it totally ignores how terrible a drafter Cowher was outside of the 1st round (with a few exceptions like Hines, Deshea, and Aaron Smith).

    • Nobody was bitching in 2007 or 2008. Then 2009 came along, and Tomlin became a terrible coach coincidentally the same year Polamalu missed 11 games (when he was in his prime, shocking how so many forget that and what the Steelers’ record is without him). That’s when I really started to hear the sentiment of “Cowher’s teams would’ve never lost to bad teams!” and “All Cowher did was win!” The goal in Pittsburgh is always Super Bowl or bust, and it astounds me how many people just gloss over Tomlin taking this team to the Super Bowl twice in his first four years as coach! Cowher did the same thing in his first fourteen seasons. I remember the constant talk about how he’d never win the big one after the disappointments in ’94, ’95, ’97, ’01, and ’04.
      The talk of winning with Cowher’s players is absurd precisely because of the reason you mentioned and the fact that the 2006 team wasn’t exactly great. I think people honestly forget that Cowher coached a year after the SBXL win.
      Plus there’s the story Dan Rooney mentions in his autobiography about how Cowher wanted to draft an offensive tackle (I think) over Roethlisberger in 2004 and Rooney said he couldn’t bear the thought of passing over a franchise QB like they did with Marino in 1983 and steered the conversation back to Roethlisberger. So maybe we should all thank Dan Rooney for his excellent draft pick instead of Cowher.
      P.S. I’m not as anti-Cowher or as pro-Tomlin as I seem. I think Cowher was a great coach and I’m glad he was the coach of the Steelers for 15 pretty great seasons. And Tomlin makes some very questionable decisions, and I can barely believe it when he uses timeouts correctly, but it just makes me irate when every loss is 100% his fault and he gets 0% of the credit when they win. The names I heard being praised after the three straight wins were Ben, AB, Bryant, Harrison, and the praise was well-deserved. But when they blew the game against the Jets, it was all Tomlin’s and Haley’s (and Bieber’s) fault, not any of the players’ fault. Which is absurd, because the team’s two best players turned the ball over a total of four times. But, NARRATIVE!

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