The Most Ridiculous Things Heard on Pittsburgh Sports Radio This Week

I’ve decided to start posting the most ridiculous things I hear while listening to Pittsburgh sports radio. This includes The Fan (of course), but also any pre- or post-game shows I happen to be listening to. The main focus is the callers, but sometimes media members say completely absurd shit, so they’ll be included too.

This week’s focus is on the Steelers losing to the Jets on Sunday!

Caller to The Fan:
“The Steelers lost this game because they deferred the kickoff! Why would Tomlin ever let the Jets offense get the ball first?! WHY?!?!”

Yeah man, I forgot how prolific the Jets offense is. It’s almost like they’re the Broncos, Colts or Patriots! Except they’re not. And no, the Steelers didn’t lose because they deferred the opening kickoff. They lost because their two best players turned the ball over four times.

Another caller to The Fan:
“You know who I wish the Steelers were more like? The Rams. They have a good team and a good coach in Jeff Fisher. At least he knows what he’s doing, unlike Tomlin.”

This is the height of insanity and Tomlin hatred right here. You want a 6-4 team to be more like a 3-6 team? I agree Fisher is a good coach, but he hasn’t done anything since he’s been in St. Louis. He hasn’t even had a team finish with a winning record there. He’s had the pleasure of watching fellow NFC West coaches Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll take their teams to the Super Bowl. He didn’t even have very good teams towards the end of his tenure with the Titans, as they had losing records 5 of his last 7 seasons in Tennessee. Tomlin hasn’t had a losing season yet, and has coached a Super Bowl winning team, and Fisher has not. But yeah, the Steelers should totally be like the Rams. Does this guy also wish for Sam Bradford and his ACLs over Ben Roethlisberger? He probably does, because he’s INSANE.

Rob Rossi:
“I would say Justin Bieber absolutely shows the lack of focus the Steelers had before this game.”

Seriously, Rossi?! I know we all joked about the “Bieber Curse” on Twitter, but this is an actual journalist giving credence to this idea. Fairly certain part of this guy’s job description is “professional troll/stooge.” And to think, I always wondered why Pens fans hated on him so much when he was on the Pens’ beat…

If you hear anything ridiculous on any Pittsburgh sports radio, let me know! Email me


2 thoughts on “The Most Ridiculous Things Heard on Pittsburgh Sports Radio This Week

  1. I am a Ravens fan but I have to say I enjoy and respect this blog (only wish you were a Ravens fan)! You are hilarious and I love this column about making fun of chicken little fans. We have plenty of them and it’s good to see they’re not solely out of our fan base. It’s gonna be a crazy rest of the season and I know your Steelers will definitely be there in the end. Maybe we’ll meet up in the playoffs…?

    • Thanks for the kind words! Every fanbase has fans that are embarrassing! It’s really insane the things that are said by some people on a weekly basis, and I don’t care that other Steelers fans are saying, I’m going to mock the hell out of them! I’d love to see another playoff matchup between the Steelers and Ravens, I live for matchups between our two teams! Also, let’s get these Ohio teams back into the AFC North basement where they rightfully belong!!

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