2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Steelers Fans!

Is there a Steelers fan in your life who already owns a ton of Steelers gear, but you want to get them something unique, different, and something that would certainly never be sold in the official Steelers store?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  I have assembled a gift guide where you will certainly find a unique Steelers-branded item for all of your loved ones!

To assemble a unique gift guide, naturally I turned to Etsy.  For those of you who don’t know, Etsy is a website where people can sell vintage and handmade items.  It’s also known as the place where people glue random household items together and try to sell them to you for $45!

For the stoner in your life…Oh, I’m sorry, this is listed as a TOBACCO pipe.  My mistake.

steelers pipe

Don’t forget to buy a screen to go with this (it’s common courtesy, guys)

For the blind woman and/or Ravens fan you’re holding hostage in your basement…

steelers big sacks

I like that this shirt emphasizes big sacks…what woman doesn’t love giant testicles?

For the stripper in your life, when an extra $20 just doesn’t say “Thanks for the lap dance”

steelers heels

Where and why and how would someone even wear these?

For the classiest lady you know, who loves all things denim.

steelers jorts purse

What a wonderful world we live in, where last year’s jorts become this year’s purse!

For your white trash neighbor, because they probably don’t have enough wind chimes made of beer cans.

steelers beer plane

It’s a wind chime airplane made from Steelers Bud Light cans…I don’t know how this is a real thing

For your blind grandmother, these weird socks that I can’t believe are actually being sold.

steelers painted toenail socks

The toes aren’t drawn properly, these have nothing to do with the Steelers, are these supposed to be “cute”?  I just don’t understand this.  At all.

For the ladies

steelers lingerie

For female Steelers fans: to wear under your “If You Ain’t a Steelers Fan, You Ain’t Shit!” t-shirt. This just screams class.

Finally, for the men.  The description from the Etsy page: “Mr Steel! Can be used for a variety of events! Have some fun with Mr Steel, especially for the Steeler fan! Great novelty gift and it’s definitely a one of kind gift.”  That’s for sure!

steelers willy warmer

Hey guys, here’s something made of yarn to put your dick and balls in! Like the weird painted toenail socks, this seems to have nothing to do with the Steelers.

And finally, something every Steelers fan could use.  Sadly, you cannot buy this on Etsy.


Happy Holidays everyone!  


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